WWE Predictions: TLC 2017

WWE Predictions: TLC 2017

Tonight WWE presents a brand new PPV, What Else Can Go Wrong, or TLC for short. This PPV wasn't looking good when everything was in order, but over the last few days, things really went to shit. 

This is the first TLC PPV I can recall that didn't have the three minor stipulation matches to build up to the main event. There's no chairs match, no table match, no ladder match. This is supposed to be one of those fun PPVs that is absolutely bonkers with crazy matches, but apparently we can't have nice things in the WWE. 

Before we get into the predictions, I want to do something a little different. Here's how I would have booked the PPV, going into the night. Now this can't take into account the illnesses, but I'll address those as well as relevant.

First off, we need those three other stipulation matches, otherwise this is way too weak of a card.

TLC Match: this match was a hot mess before Roman got sick. 5 on 3 means The Shield winning they squash 4 stars and Kane. Or they lose (obviously not happening) and their return is pointless. Instead, on Monday night, Kane should have interfered in the cage match and taken out Braun Strowman making the main event an even 3 on 3. Also, since two of the title are tied up in this match, leaving only the Women's and Cruiserweight titles on the line since Brock doesn't wrestle, this should be a title for title match. If The Shield wins, Roman Reigns becomes Intercontinental Champ, if The Bar and Miz win, The Bar become tag champs. Now with Roman out sick, they should have announced a mystery replacement, let people think it's Kurt Angle, then swerve with someone else that could use the spotlight, like Jason Jordan or Broken Matt Hardy (as suggested by Brundam). Kurt Angle's return should be properly built up for Wrestlemania. 

Tables Match: This one would be a result of the aforementioned Kane return. Have a match between Kane and Braun Strowman because Kane is upset and threatened by the newest 'Monster Among Men' and make it a tables match for the hell of it

Ladder Match: Alexa Bliss' whole story going into this is calling Mickie James old, have her make the match a ladder match because she thinks Mickie can't even climb the ladder at her 'old age'. 

Chairs Match: Once again, we can all agree that Enzo is not good in the ring. Let's take away his handicap in this fight by throwing in chairs. It should even the playing field, and I'm sure Kalisto could do some fun things with a couple of chairs set up. 

Right away, I think this makes the PPV that much more enjoyable. I know I'm judging harshly on something that hasn't happened yet, but the writing is on the wall. 

Anyway, here are our predictions for the matches that are announced. What'll happen tonight? Before we get to that, let's take a look at the scheduled matches.




Sasha Banks vs Alicia Fox

TLC Kickoff.jpg

Double A: I like both of these women, and I'm one of the few that have always wanted a bigger role for Fox in the WWE,but she's not winning this one. - Sasha Banks

Brundan:  This should be an easy one, Sasha with the win.  I forgot Alicia was around. - Sasha Banks

Pink: The is where they start to get Sasha on a winning streak to get her back in the title hunt I think. . - Sasha Banks

Rybo Slice:  I don't think they'll ever be a time where I vote for Fox. Banks all day! - Sasha Banks


WWE logo.jpg

Main Event

Finn Balor vs AJ Styles

TLC Balor.jpg

Brundan:  This is a match years in the making.  Both were the leader of The Bullet Club in Japan at one point (don't know who they are, visit your local hot topic).  As excited as I am for this match I wish it had time to build.  I wish they had more then two days to promote it.  This should be a Wrestlemania featured match.  I think AJ takes this one by some sort of Bray distraction.  Not him being there but some weird Wyatt magic.  This feud will never end. - AJ Styles

Pink: With no build up to this match I have no real pick for the match.  It will be the match of the night, and one I would take as a filler.  But since it really does nothing to AJ’s status to lose on RAW, WWE will give the win to Finn. - Finn Balor

Rybo Slice: This is gonna be epic!!!! No build up though is ridic but I don't care. Should be match of the year. The demon can't be defeated though. - Finn Balor

Double A: Wow, what a waste of a fight. This will be match of the night, even though there's zero story built around it. You've got a Bullet Club war starting, and no hype behind it. As it pertains to this match, I chose my words carefully, I think Anderson and Gallows will interfere on behalf of Balor, costing AJ the match, and forming the official Balor Club, who will eventually feud with The Shield. - Finn Balor


Cedric Alexander and Rich Swann vs. Gentleman Jack Gallagher and The Brian Kendrick

TLC tag.jpg

Pink: I don’t really care who wins this one, but I’m going to go with my best guess.  -Gentleman Jack Gallaher and The Brian Kendrick

Rybo Slice: This is a coin toss for me. I'll go Cedric and swann. Damn it. I'm questioning myself. Fuck it...keep it. - Cedric Alexander and Rich Swann

Double A: Is there any reason to care for this match? They need to end 205 Live, and just have all of the stories play out on Raw because not enough people are watching the show to care about what happens when they show up on Raw or the PPVs. I like the faces more, but I feel Jack's heel turn needs a win to survive. - Gentleman Jack Gallaher and The Brian Kendrick

Brundan:  Cedric and Swann can do some amazing things so knowing WWE this will be a mat based match.  My gut tells me Jack and Brian take this. - Gentleman Jack Gallaher and The Brian Kendrick


WWE logo.jpg

Kalisto (c) vs Enzo Amore (Cruiserweight Championship match)

TLC Cruiser.jpg

Rybo Slice: Since Cena is out, Enzo is the current best overall wrestler in the game. He's getting his belt back too! The realist guy in the room, how you doin!. - Enzo Amore

Double A: Although I can't stand Enzo, I just know that they're giving the belt back to him. There's no other reason to have the heel cruiserweights come out to defend him on Raw. - Enzo Amore

Brundan: Kalisto needs to win this.  There has been way too much hot shotting with the cruiserweight title.  Kalisto is amazing and should be champ for a very long time. - Kalisto

Pink: Enzo will win back the Championship with some underhanded tactics. - Enzo Amore

Superfluous Commentary: I haven't done one of these in a while, but I need to bring to everyone's attention that Rybo Slice's opinions of Enzo Amore do not represent the rest of this Stable. I can't even grasp the concept of Enzo being a top 20 wrestler, let alone the claim he's the best overall. I'm legit dumbfounded.


Asuka vs Emma

TLC Asuka.jpg

Double A: Asuka and Emma had a great match in NXT, back before they decided to shit all over Emma. Unfortunately, WWE has decided to dump on Emma, so they won't let this match be as good as it could. Either way good match or not, Asuka is winning her debut - Asuka

Brundan: This might be the easiest pick of all time.  Asuka should squash Emma and never ever lose. - Asuka

Pink: They will not end the winning streak on such a low card match.  The real question is will WWE make Asuka super dominant, and Emma is supposed to be that platform. - Asuka

Rybo Slice:  Emma is my current fav diva so this sucks!  Asuka wins. I'm interested to see how Asuka does though. - Asuka


WWE logo.jpg

Alexa Bliss (c) vs Mickie James (Raw Women's Championship match)

TLC Womens.jpg

Brundan: This PPV feels like an episode of RAW.  Bliss should win this one and get ready for the onslaught of Asuka. - Alexa Bliss

Pink: I’m a Bliss man, and I as say with Miz I can’t vote against them. - Alexa Bliss

Rybo Slice: Id actually be super pumped to see Mickie win it. I can see it happening for some reason. Gut says James but I can't do it. Bliss wins. - Alexa Bliss

Double A: Mickie James beat Alexa clean on Raw, that means Alexa is going to win tonight, right? That's how this works? Not to mention Asuka is going to need a champion to come after soon, and I can't wait to see Alexa try and talk her way out of that. But as it stands here, Alexa will beat Mickie after a decent match. - Alexa Bliss


WWE logo.jpg

Seth Rollins, Kurt Angle, and Dean Ambrose vs Braun Strowman, The Miz, Kane, and The Bar (3 on 5 TLC match)

TLC cluster fuck.jpg

Pink: I know what I just said about the Miz, but this being Angle’s first match back you can’t make that vote against that fact. - Seth Rollins, Kurt Angle, and Dean Ambrose

Rybo Slice: Lovin this match now. Angle returns! Badass! I could careless about the Shield. Miz is tapping out to the ankle lock!. - Seth Rollins, Kurt Angle, and Dean Ambrose

Double A: This is just an absolute cluster fuck of a match and main event. Even so, I still see there being an additional swerve. I just really have a hard time WWE would waste Kurt return to in ring competition this way. Maybe Kurt will have mysteriously also caught what's plaguing the other Raw superstars and another substitution will happen, but either way Team Almost Shield will win. - Seth Rollins, Kurt Angle, and Dean Ambrose

Brundan: Why is this 3 against 5?  This match makes no sense and with Kurt Angle in it, it makes event less sense.  I understand Reigns is sick and you need to do something big but throwing away a chance to promote Kurt Angles first match back in WWE in over a decade is not the way to go.  I'm going with the angle/shield.  I think something will happen where Braun gets pissed at his team and kicks everyone asses, leading to a shield win - Seth Rollins, Kurt Angle, and Dean Ambrose


WWE logo.jpg


Whelp, what are your predictions for the potentially worst PPV of the modern era of wrestling? Watch it tonight, and come back tomorrow for the results. 

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