WWE Results: Royal Rumble 2018

WWE Results: Royal Rumble 2018

There you have it folks, Royal Rumble  is in the books and there were certainly some surprises. How did it unfold?

As a special treat, our very own Brundan was at the event, and has provided us with some unique live updates. Read on my friends.

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Aaand the winners are........ (imagine a drumroll)


Kalisto, Lince Dorado, and Gran Metalik vs. TJP, Gentleman Jack Gallagher, and Drew GulakThe Club vs The Revival

RR Cruiser.jpg

Once again, full disclosure, I didn't watch this, or the next match. I'm not upset I missed this one. I really had high hopes for the Cruiserweight division, but having them so far removed from everyone else on 205 Live, and the same matches over and over in different formats, has done nothing to build any good grace. 

Brundan Notes: Tony Luke’s has the best cheesesteaks ever. Also after the rumble the line to the men’s bathroom looked like an airport security line. 205 live tag-lots of fun. Gran needs to do more as he is just so good. They started this when like no one was at their seats so maybe 1/6 of the people saw it

Winners: Kalisto, Lince Dorado, and Gran Metalik (Pink, Rybo Slice)


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The Club vs The Revival

RR Kickoff Tag.jpg

This really should have been a bigger deal than what it ended up being, but from what I read The Revival built back some of their cred with a quick win. 

Brundan Notes:  Fun match and the right team won. I hope the revival stays healthy and gets a long run with the belts. Say yeeeeah!!!!!! Also there was a let’s go popcorn and cotton candy chant.

Winners: The Revival (Brundan)


Bobby Roode (c) vs Mojo Rawley (US Open Challenge for the United States match)

RR US.jpg

It really didn't matter who challenged Roode, we knew they were going to lose. Mojo was a good choice, but too bad so sad. Next.

Brundan's Notes: Mojo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was great seeing my guy. Fun match. Bobby Roode is fantastic so at least if Mojo lost it was to someone I like another huge Russev day chant after the match

Winner: Bobby Roode (all)


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Main Card

AJ Styles (c) vs Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn (2-on-1 Handicap WWE Championship match)

RR WWE.jpg

I'm still shocked this was the first match of the night, but it was entertaining as hell. What will the fall out be of the non-tag finish? It would have been a fun ride to see the co-champs, but it wasn't meant to be. The match was good, but it could have, and should have, been so much better. AJ is going to hold on to the belt until Mania where he'll face the winner of the men's Rumble.

Brundan's Notes: this was a really fun match and the crowd just loves AJ. He is just on another level in wrestling. Great match and glad no Shane and Bryan shit in this.

Winner: AJ Styles (all)


The Usos (c) vs Benjables (2 out of 3 Falls Smackdown Tag Team Championship match)

RR SD TT.jpg

I'm really surprised that this didn't go to three falls.  It could have been much better, but this could set The Usos up for something big down the line. I wonder what's next for Benjables, as they came out of this looking extra weak. 

Brundan's Notes: fantastic first fall. Stupid second fall. The wrong team won in my opinion. Gable is so good. Hopefully maybe Rusev day will win the belts.

Winner: The Usos (Pink)


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Men's Royal Rumble match

RR Mens.jpg

It's a little surprising that this match was placed here in the lineup, but after seeing how the rest of the night played out, it makes sense. There were some interesting surprise entrants, but none of the ones we predicted, although I did anticipate Dolph Ziggler returning. Thankfully, the right person won and we can finally get the dream match we deserve. Shinsuke Nakamura vs AJ Styles is going to be epic.

Brundan's Notes: Rusev could kill the eagles and still be cheered. Huge boos for Corbin when attacked Rusev. Huge pop for almas. Great surprise. Also the Heath Slater beatings were great. A Rusev like pop for Slater throwing out Sheamus. Nakamura is so popular however Rusev is approaching Austin popularity. The Cesaro elimination was sick. The Kofi spot was fun this year. Huge boos for Russev being gone too. Hurricane was a great surprise. Too bad it was so quick. The crowd went crazy for Adam cole Bay Bay !!! Holy shit it’s Rey misterio. This rumble has had some awesome surprises. Huge boos for Roman too. Especially when he threw out Seth. Dolph got a huge pop in his return. Interesting final six. Huge huge boos for Cena eliminating Finn. If they want to make Nakamura now is it. This was easily my favorite rumble in years!!!! This is the Nakamura I’ve been waiting for. Him and AJ will be sick!!

Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura
Brundan: 3 points
Double A: 3 points
Pink: 2 points
Rybo Slice: 3 points


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Seth Rollins and Jason Jordan (c) vs The Bar (Raw Tag Team Championship match)

RR Raw TT.jpg

They don't just raise the bar, they are The Bar! This match was more about the inevitable destruction of Rollins and Jordan than it was the tag title. Typically, I'm not a fan matches where storylines outweigh the titles on the line, however it worked well for this match. Everything played together very well, but mostly, I'm just glad The Bar has the belts again.

Brundan's Notes:  the bar have awesome music. This was a fun match. Everyone hates Jordan. Quiet crowd after the rumble but they liked the switch. Seeds are planted for Jordan vs Rollins.

Winner: The Bar (Brundan, Double A, Pink)


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Brock Lesnar (c) vs Braun Strowman vs Kane (Triple Threat Universal Championship match)

RR Universal.jpg

So stupid, I should have voted for Brock, like everyone knew he was going to win. I decided to go with my heart and it bit me in the ass. Anyway, this was a hoss fight as expected. Braun was impressive, and he should have won, but Brock is going to to continue as champ for the immediate future. Kane, poor sap, took the pinfall in probably his last main event match of his career. 

Brundan's Notes:  this was pretty brutal but kind of predictable as well. The tables in the ring looked great but outside not so great. Braun is a beast. I wish he won

Winner: Brock Lesnar (Brundan, Pink, Rybo Slice)


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Women's Royal Rumble

RR Womens.jpg

This was everything that the first ever Women's Rumble match should be. Every current superstar had a good showing, there were good call backs with the returning legends, and call ups of the next generation of women wrestlers. The only thing I personally wanted to see that didn't happen was Paige getting the rub she deserves. Also, Rhonda not showing up during the actual match kept Brundan from taking the win on his own, instead it was a three way tie without me. Best of all though, this match actually closed out the PPV. Asuka stands tall as she should, but Ronda Rousey stole the light by showing up and proclaiming an appearance at Wrestlemania. 

Brundan's Notes: Maria messed up women’s revolution. Off to a good start with boos for that and Steph. Smart to have Sasha and Becky start. The crowd loves them, especially Becky. Lita!!!!!!! Crowd went nuts. Great surprise as well with Kari Sane. Tamina sucks. That Lita moonsault looked rough. Torrie looks amazing. Great to see Molly Holly who looks fantastic. Huge Rusev day chants for Lana. Undertaker chants for McCool. I miss lay cool. Huge ovation for Vickie Guerrero!!!! Especially when she hit Carmella. Nia gets woman’s monster treatment. Naomi does the Kofi save just to get chucked. Beth Phoenix vs Nia!!!! Asuka still owes ember. Love the John Cena sucks chant for Nikki. Trish looks great and the crowd was happy even though no Rhonda. Sasha vs Bailey, seeds are planted. No doubt in my mind Asuka was winning. Fun match with lots of returns in person.

Surprise Entrants:
Jacquline (Pink)
Trish Stratus (Rybo Slice)

Winner: Asuka (All +3)


I'm really getting tired of losing, and knowing it would have been a four way tie had I gone with Brock and used my surprise vote for Ziggler.  really pisses me off. This was a fun PPV, and one of the better Royal Rumbles in recent years. 

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