WWE Results: TLC 2017

WWE Results: TLC 2017

I know I ws doomsaying from the beginning about this PPV, but I can admit it was better than I was expecting. It was bad, but it could have been slightly worse.

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Here we go


Sasha Banks vs Alicia Fox

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I chose to skip the kickoff, had no desire to watch this match. Sasha won by submitting Fox. Did anyone expect anything else?

Winnes: Sasha Banks (All)


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Main Card

Asuka vs Emma

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I'm so glad they gave this match time to develop. They could have made this a squash match, and it would have made sense, but giving Emma a real match, better shows what Asuka is all about. It was a good match and a smart way to start the PPV. But of course Asuka won, no way anyone expected less.

Winners: Asuka (All)


Cedric Alexander and Rich Swann vs Gentleman Jack Gallagher and The Brian Kendrick

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It makes sense that this match would happen before the Cruiserweight title match, but it was clear from the beginning that this was going to be the better of the two cruiserweight matches. The two different teams had great opposing styles and it made for an enjoyable match. I have a feeling that this may have been a way to test the waters for Cruiserweight Tag titles. I must say, I'm liking the heel Jack Gallagher, and I want to see more of him. 

Winner: Cedric Alexander and Rich Swann (Rybo Slice)


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Alexa Bliss (c) vs Mickie James (Raw Women's Championship match)

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I really wish this title fight was a ladder match, in any case I enjoyed this match. Sure it was a paint by numbers that played out exactly as anyone would have expected, with Alexa retaining over a very game Mickie James. This was a good back and forth, but it was just a vehicle to keep the belt on Alexa so she can lose it to Asuka in a couple of weeks/months.

Winner: Alexa Bliss (all)


Kalisto (c) vs Enzo Amore (Cruiserweight Championship match)

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I will never agree with Rybo Slice's opinion of Enzo Amore, but this was probably the best I've seen him in the ring. That doesn't mean he was good, and he certainly would have benefited from being able to rely on chairs, but props to Enzo for not sucking too much. Kalisto carried this match, and really showed how good he is. Thankfully Enzo's voice was gone so we didn't have to hear too much from him, but God help us on Raw. 

Winner: Enzo Amore (Double A, Pink, Rybo Slice)


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Finn Balor vs AJ Styles

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Match of the night? Yea, this was easily match of the night and it left us wanting so much more. Corey Graves said at one point that these two don't need to have build up for them to put on a great match. They have enough shared history even though they've never fought each other before. The only way this match could have been better is if they fought for an hour more. It was cool to see Balor break out the Bloody Sunday, or whatever he's calling it now. Finn picks up the win with a Coup de Grace. But possibly my favorite part of it all was the "Too Sweet" afterwards.

Winner: Finn Balor (Double A, Pink, Rybo Slice)


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Elias vs Jason Jordan

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So this happened. Twice Elias tried to sing a song, but was interrupted by Jason Jordan who threw salad at him like he was a medieval jester. After the second time, it was announced that the two would have a match, where Elias tried a third time to sing but was cut off again when Jordan made his entrance to the ring. It was a good match, but ultimately useless. This was something that would have served better on Raw. I was curious to see who would win because both of them had been protected fairly well. Elias was on a roll before this match, but Kurt Angle's son took the win with a rollup where Elias' shoulder was clearly off the mat. This will continue on Raw for better or worse.

Winner: Jason Jordan


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Seth Rollins, Kurt Angle,and Dean Ambrose vs Braun Strowman, The Miz, Kane, The Bar (3-on-5 TLC match)

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Did they really have Kurt Angle come out to The Shield's music and not his own? Ok fine, he was taken out of the match so he could return with his music, but it was not the same. This match was every bit the clusterfuck I expected it to be. If Kane and Braun were going to fight, why the hell did they not have a Kane vs Braun match!? Taking the two of them out of this match would have made it so much better. Angle looked good, and I can't wait until he has a proper one on one match where he can really shine. I think they did a good job of protecting his wrestling look in terms of not having him do too much, and keeping the mystic of his "real" return. The rest of the match was decent at best, but at least the way it played out, they didn't bury Braun Strowman, although they legit buried him under a pile of chairs. Taking him out of the match saved him, but it wasn't a good look Kane. 

Winner: Seth Rollins, Kurt Angle and Dean Ambrose (All)


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I don't like this widening gap between myself and the others, but a congrats goes out to Rybo Slice who is now the current champ. 

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One More

One More

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