Teaser Intro 6: Little Changes

Teaser Intro 6: Little Changes

It's been a while since I've posted an intro to one of my published stories. The next in line is a story that was written for a particular anthology, however and unfortunately the story didn't make the cut.  The original publisher I submitted this to had called for a were-creature story that didn't actually involve werewolves and it had to take place in an urban setting.  

It took me about a week to come up with a story that I liked and satisfied both qualifications for the submission. With the idea in my head, it only a few hours to write this piece of flash fiction.  I wanted this to be a longer piece, but the story didn't call for it and I learned it's never smart to force a story to be something it wasn't meant to be.  I still feel that there's more to be told in this world and I may explore it further, but as it is the story stands on it's own.

Are you paying attention?... Good. We don’t have much time. The group that attacked you and your mom are still in the area.” The overweight man leaning over Jack reaches out a hand. Helping Jack to his feet, the stranger introduces himself and his friend. “This here is Monty, and I’m Marshal. You have to listen to me, and believe me. Those men, they are werewolves. I know it sounds farfetched, but they’re real and so are we. And I mean you too. Your wounds were mortal and the only way to save you was to turn you. Unfortunately, your mother was too badly injured, and at her age she wouldn’t have survived the transformation.”

Marshal and Monty help Jack to a nearby bench overlooking the river. “Now, listen to me, Jack. Tonight is going to be a full moon, so your transformation will be quick, but it will be painful. Once you’ve turned , Monty and I are going to need you to join us in the fight. There’s four of them in the pack, but with you, the three of us should be able to beat them. We are the wolves’ natural enemy.”

Monty leans close to Marshal and whispers in his ear, while keeping his eyes locked on Jack. “Yea, Monty’s right, what were you and you’re mom doing walking the docks so late at night on Halloween? Did you really think it’d be safe any other night?

Up until now Jack’s adrenaline has been pumping so hard he couldn’t even see straight. His nerves are calming, and he looks around to see he’s in a rundown section of the docks; this is not where he remembers being last. The two men in front of him are clearly homeless, which doesn’t make him more comfortable.”Wait... did you say werewolves? Crazy homeless people, what’d you do to me? Where’s my mom? Where are we?”

“Jeeze Louise! Get a load of this guy, Monty. Accusing us of harming him, when it was us who saved him. Buddy, you’re not listening to me...”

“Of course I’m not...” Cutting each other off, they play a verbal game of cat-and-cat.

“In less than half an hour...”

“You’re bums...”

“You are going to transform!”

“Crazy bums!”

To Monty, the exchange sounds like he’s wearing two earphones, each playing quotes from different movies. He holds his hands up to stop the conversations and leans close to Marshal again.

“You’re right again, lil buddy, a show of what he’s in store for should help convince him.”
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Are Marshal and Monty just crazy bums or is there something more to these vagrants then alcohol induced hysteria?  To find out read "Little Changes" in Monster Gallery at Amazon.com or here at the AzarRising Bookstore

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