National Poetry Month: Week 2 - New Orleans

National Poetry Month: Week 2 - New Orleans

Continuing from last week, I’ve written a new poem in honor of National Poetry Month. Tomorrow morning, my fiance and I begin our first vacation in way too long of time as we fly to New Orleans! We’ve each been before, but never together.

I will always be a Jersey Boy, but Nawlins will always be my favorite destination. In giddy anticipation of this trip, I had to write about this truly magical city. In poem form? Sure, let’s do it.

An Ode to Where I want to Go

I love Nawlins, but not why you think

Sure I imbibe, but it's more than the drink

The cuisine is second to none

And you wish the music will never be done

Although I'll always hold Jersey dear

I dream of the days I come back here

The culture is unique

No matter where else you seek

You'll never find another Nawlins

Though other cities might come calling

The Big Easy will always take the top spot

So listen to the music and have a shot

Eat crawfish, gumbo and eitouffee

Happiness ain't cheap, so better pay

Not with money, but remorse for leaving

The parting will leave you grieving

But rejoice, for you can't go back

Until you return home to unpack

But wait there’s more! A few simple lines about the food wasn’t enough for me. As such a wrote a second poem, dedicated solely to the amazing food in the Big Easy.

week 2 (2).jpg

Rewards for the Stomach

Oh Nawlins, how I love to eat you, let me count the ways

Mmm mmm gumbo,

better give me a jumbo

Oh that jambalaya,

I'm coming for ya

Ooh wee southern fried chicken,

ripe for the pickin'

Yea mama that eitouffe,

my my I must say

Give me that muffuletta,

keeps me coming back I betcha

Who dat po'boy,

got me hooked ooh boy

Serve up some crawfish,

don't need no dish

Even simple red beans n rice,

taste so nice

Sipping on a hurricane,

got me slurring again

Oh Nawlins, how I love thee, you've got me eating for days

There you have it, my poetic preparations for New Orleans. Remember to keep reading, and enjoy life.

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