WrestleMania 35 Reactions

WrestleMania 35 Reactions

Last night was the WWE’s biggest show of the year, and potentially of all time, the grand daddy of them all Wrestlemania. Emanating from my backyard, I could actually hear the pyro as it went off live before seeing it on TV, the 35th edition of the showcase of the immortals was a night of predictable surprises.

With three fairytale storylines going on, four if you include Curt Hawkins, where everyone wanted the happy ending, I was positive at least one of them would lose. But in the end, who won and who lost? That’s what I’m here for.


Buddy Murphy (c) vs Tony Nese (Cruiserweight Championship match)

The cruiserweights don’t get enough love and deserve to be on the main card more often. Buddy Murphy has been a brilliant champion for over 180 days. In the other corner, Tony Nese, his former tag partner, has earned his spot on the WM card, the two put on a good show of it. Maybe it’s because I haven’t watch 205 Live often but I would have liked to see Buddy Murphy have a reign similar to Pete Dunne’s on NXT UK. Alas, that was not meant to be as New Yorker, Tony Nese, wins a hard hitting opening bout.

Winner (and new champ): Tony Nese

Women’s Battle Royal

If Asuka loses we riot… guess we’re rioting. The face Carmella wins with heel tactics by hiding under the ring and eliminating a confused Sarah Logan. Overall wasn’t a terrible match, but I don’t know why Carmella keeps getting these rubs from WWE.

Winner: Carmella

The Revival (c) vs The Edgeheads (Raw Tag Team Championship match)

I would have liked to see this on the main card also, but given that there was no build for this match at all it makes sense that it was a kickoff match. Regardless, the only thing that matters is that CURT HAWKINS WON A MATCH!!! With a small package Hawkins pins Scott Dawson. As I said on twitter: Wrestlemania is where streaks go to die, and at 269 loses, Hawkins may be the best streak breaker ever!

Winners (and new champs): Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder

Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal

The SNL guys took up too much of the attention of this match, but in the end Braun won, as well he should. Can he please have a proper storyline now?

Winner: Braun Strowman

Main Card:

Brock Lesnar (C) vs Seth Rollins (Universal Championship match)

Paul Heyman says that if Brock isn’t going on last, he’s going win first, so he can leave right away. Great heel work by Paul on the mic, as always. Brock comes out first, and attacks Seth before the bell, F5’s and suplexes on the outside, poor German announce team’s desk. Brock tosses Seth into the ring, starting the match, and continues his dominance over Seth. After a near ref bump, Seth hits a low blow on Brock, and then three consecutive curb stomps to win the big red belt. Having the Universal title as the curtain jerker was a smart move, and got things started with a bang.Part of me thought that with them starting the show, Seth might actually lose, and we’d have hours to build our hype back up for the other fairy tales. I was wrong, fantasy storyline win number 1 in the books. Will WWE really give us three happy endings? Also, at this point, every title defended changed hands. Will anyone retain?

Winner (and new champ): Seth Rollins

Randy Orton vs AJ Styles

The build to this match was odd, as it started with Randy antagonizing AJ, but in a playful way. Then a few weeks ago they had a face off promo, and both men pulled no punches on the mic. The same goes true for this match. It was a hard hitting, if a little short, bout between two of the best in the ring. Say what you want about Randy being a lazy worker, but when he wants to, he can go with the best of them a.k.a. AJ Styles. On this night, AJ was just a little better, and gets the win with a Phenomenal Forearm.

Winner: AJ Styles

The Usos (c) vs The Bar vs Alistair Black and Ricochet vs Rusev and Shinsuke Nakamura (Fatal fourway Smackdown Championship match)

I don’t want this taken the wrong way, but I don’t like the tag team of Alistair Black and Ricochet. I know they’re each great in the ring, but there is no reason for them to be forced together. There was no progression like with The Bar, there’s no natural connection like the Usos, and there isn’t even any shared story like Nakamura and Rusev. Anyway, I was really hoping they won the NXT tag belts so they wouldn’t be as heavily featured on the main roster until they built up some chemistry. Usos, despite a lot of people being tired of them, are in my opinion the best tag team today. If they lose the belts, it should be to a truly worthy team. Thankfully, they broke the WM35 curse, and actually retained their belts in a nice match.

Winners (and still champs): The Usos

The Miz vs Shane McMahon (Falls count anywhere match)

I still really hate that Shane is fighting, but at least this one made sense. It didn’t take long for papa Miz to get involved, but man is he a terrible actor. Where the hell did Miz get it from? After the elder is taken out, the fight really ramps up as Miz destroys Shane across the entire arena, up and down scaffolding, and everywhere in between. Atop a camera platform, Shane begs for mercy, but instead gets suplexed off the top, taking a soft landing in some padding. The nature of the suplex put Shane on top of Miz, and he wins. This is the only scenario I could imagine where Shane winning made sense. Miz looks Awwweeeeesome in this loss, and Shane can keep being a douche.

Winner (and still best in the world): Shane McMahon

Boss n Hug Connection (c) vs Beth Phoenix and Natalya vs Iiconics vs Samoan Sisters (Fatal fourway Women’s Tag Team Championship match)

I swear I’m not sexist but I couldn’t care about this match because I knew the Iiconics would never win at Mania. They are the only true tag team in the women’s division and should have won the belts at Elimination Chamber, then they could lose them here, instead… Well then, glad I stuck around. The Double Iconics are your new Women’s Tag Team champs. Who saw that coming?

Winners (and new champs): Iiconics.

Daniel Bryan (c) vs Kofi Kingston (WWE Championship match)

KofiMania is upon us, and I feel bad for his chances. Seth won, and I anticipate Becky Lynch winning. There’s no way all three can win, right? Then Big E show’s he’s got a gift box for Kofi, and I think the leather belt is in there, so now he has to win, right? Now I’m confused. Then they show all the faces watching the fight in the back, and Kofi has to win. Poor Becky. Anyway, the match starts off slower than I would have liked, but they ramp it up and put on a good show. Rowan and New Day play very little roles in the match overall, letting the two men do what they do best. Kofi survives a tremendous amount of pain in repeat LeBell locks, but he endures only to eat a running knee. 1…2… … Kofi kicks out. After trading punishing kicks, Kofi ramps up the game with a trouble in Paradise, and gets the win! Kofi Kingston is the new WWE Champion! Kofi Kingston, in 2019 is the first black WWE Champion! Historic moments still happening in the WWE.

Winner (and new champ): Kofi Kingston

Samoa Joe (c) vs Rey Mysterio (United States Championship match)

In the time it’s taking me to write this entry, the match has finished. Joe put Rey to sleep with a Coquina Clutch. It probably took Rey Mysterio longer to dress like Marvel’s Mysterio, than he was actually in the ring with the costume on. I don’t know if Kofi’s celebration took too long, or if this was written to make Joe look even more dangerous, or if Rey wasn’t fully cleared from his ankle injury, but this was a blink and you’ll miss it match, only slightly longer than Rey Mysterio’s Intercontinental Championship win ten years ago at Wrestlemania 25.

Winner (and still champ): Samoa Joe

Drew McIntyre vs Roman Reigns

Possibly my favorite entrance of the night, Drew walks to the ring flanked by the NYPD Scottish marching band playing his entrance music. I’m glad Roman overcame leukemia, I’m glad he’s back to fighting shape, and he deserves a WM win on this return, but it shouldn’t have been at Drew’s expense. Unfortunately, the fans weren’t behind it, and I think had Roman beat someone who was hated, it would have served his return well, as opposed to more of the same from before he left.

Winner (and still hated): Roman Reigns

Musical Interlude: Performance by Elias.

He does a neat little set with himself on video playing the piano and drums while he was in the ring playing the guitar. As he’s about to play a solo in the ring, this long odd video plays of classic Yankees’ highlights, including Babe Ruth calling his shot, then out comes John Cena as the Dr. of Thugonomics. He “spits” a terrible rap dissing Elias, then hits him with the finger rings and an FU (not an AA). Every part of this was too long, and unnecessary.

Batista vs Triple H

As big as this match got, it just felt like it was an afterthought. Both entrances were ridiculously over the top, but in the end, this felt like a vanity project with a couple of big spots thrown in to keep the fans happy., although I’m not sure it worked. The highlight of the match was Batista tripping as he first entered the ring. HHH “pulling out” Batista’s nose ring was hilarious. It was clear that after the deed, Batista took it out himself, and the ref gave Trip a different one from his pocket. Anyway, for wrestlers past their prime, they took bigger bumps than I was expecting.

Winner (and still COO): Triple H

Kurt Angle vs Baron Corbin

Wrestling tradition says a seasoned veteran is supposed to lose his final match. But not when they’re fighting Baron Corbin, right? Well, after a fairly quick match, Angle misses with the moonsault and gets put away with the Deep Six. Corbin gets the biggest rub of his career, so I guess he’ll fight Seth for the Universal title? I don’t see it happening. Not sure where he goes from here. But Kurt retires the way he wanted, putting over a younger talent. Good for him, and thanks for the memories. (would have been nice for an Undertaker appearance.)

Winner (and still biggest loser): Baron Corbin

Bobby Lashley (c) vs The Demon (Intercontinental Championship match)

Universal title match against Brock Lesnar? Finn Balor: “I got this.”

Intercontinental Championship match against Bobby Lashley? Demon: “Hold my beer.”

Other than this being Wrestlemania, the Demon should not have been brought out for this match. Either way, after an impressive powerbomb by the Demon, a coup de grace seals Lashley’s fate. Hopefully they can both move on to better feuds.

Winner (and new champ): Demon Finn Balor

Ronda Rousey (c) vs Charlotte Flair (c) vs Becky Lynch (people’s champ) (Winner take all Raw and Smackdown women’s championship match)

Charlotte gets choppered in to the parking lot, Ronda gets played in by Joan Jett and The Blackhearts, and Becky… walks in like a peasant. Conventional wisdom says you end the show with a happy moment = Becky wins. Conventional wisdom also tells us there has to be one heart break moment = Becky loses. Other wrestlers get elaborate entrances = Becky wins. Fans want her to win, so according to Vince = Becky Loses. In the end, Charlotte put on a hell of a match, carrying most of the weight. All three women took nasty bumps, with Ronda’s leg getting cut and bruised early on. The did a great job catering to the strengths of each of the women, all looked great, but only one could walk out with the belts. After Charlotte is put through a table, Ronda goes for the Piper’s Pit on Becky, but she rolls through it, and pins (kind of) Ronda to the mat. Ronda’s shoulder’s pop up after the 1 count, but they were then placed back on the mat for the 2 and 3. I don’t know if that was scripted or not, but the only thing that matters is that dreams do come true, fairy tales have happy endings, and Becky Lynch is a dual champ rocking two belts.

Winner (and new champ twice over): Becky Lynch

That’s it for this WrestleMania. Overall a very pleasing PPV, the right wrestlers went over, happy endings to most storylines, future plans laid out. A solid B+ rating. Remember to keep reading, and enjoy life.

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