Tales from the Lemonade Porch: Terror on the Eurorail

Tales from the Lemonade Porch: Terror on the Eurorail

The wait is over, here is the next installment of Tales from the Lemonade Porch. I assure you that in between writing sessions Sable and I have put our porch to use, and we sure as hell have had some drinks, but this was the first time we were on the porch, drinking, smoking argileh (hookah), and had our notebook with us.  

Same rules as always; flip of a coin chooses who goes first, they write four sentences, next person writes four sentences continuing the same story, no contradictions, we write until the story comes to a natural conclusion (or our drinks run out), person who starts the story can’t be the one to finish it.  

Remember, to place your picks on who wrote which parts of the story... 

 Terror on the Eurorail.  


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8 people, 4 couples, 3 European countries, 1 unforgettable vacation. What started as a love filled retreat, has turned into something else entirely while traveling to their final destination. They’re down to half of their original party, and no one knows for sure how things have come to this. “What the hell is going on?” 

Jack and Susan were the first to go. Somewhere between Barcelona and the Eurorail to Prague there was an altercation with Mike and Kate. No one really knows what the argument was over, but Jack and Susan just disappeared. When the gang arrived at Prague, they were simply gone. 

Separately, each of the remaining four asked Mike and Kate what happened, but none received a concrete answer. “Those drunk assholes probably got kicked off somewhere back in France.” was Mike’s response to Dave and Luther.

However, Kate showed more concern, unsure the answer was so simple, “They said there was someone else in their cabin, but Mike brushed them off since they really were so drunk.” 

“I thought they only had a two-person cabin. How was someone else in there?” Jess said with concern and skepticism written all over her face.  

“I wouldn't worry about it,” said Mike. “May have just been an attendant checking tickets, and that’s probably when they got kicked out.” 

The six remaining tried to put it out of their minds, but skepticism and concern turned to fear when Dave and Lisa were missing the following morning. “Seriously, what the hell is going on?” was all Luther could think. 

“Whatever you think happened with Jack and Susan, no way it happened with Dave and Lisa.” Mike had to agree with his wife’s assessment. During their discussion, they see a group of attendants and police officers running down the hall. 

“What’s going on?” Kate asked one of the attendants. 

“Ma’am, please stay in your room.” said the attendant with a firm, unwelcoming voice. Kate walked back in the room, closed the door softly and turned to the others. Before she could say a word, she screamed in a shrieking way that would have woken every neighboring cabin. 

Before Luther or Felicia could turn to see what she was screaming about, Mike stabbed Luther in the back. 

Felicia let out a scream to rival Kate’s, but before she can react, Mike pushes her out the window of the moving train.  

“Bye Felicia.” 

Mike turns to Kate with a wicked smile on his face. 

Down the hall you could hear running footsteps getting closer to Mike and Kate’s room. Before the attendants could reach the room, Mike pulls a disappearing act, jumping out the window.  

“Ma’am, step away from the body.” yells the attendant with an officer directly behind. The police walks over to Kate and places her in cuffs before she can speak or even fully process what just happened. 

So sure are the police in their assumption, they don’t look out the window to find Mike holding onto the side of the train. Calling for an immediate stop, the cops give Mike the perfect chance to let go and vanish into the woods of the Cheque Republic.  

“No, it wasn’t me, it was the other guy,” but Kate’s cries of innocence fall on deaf ears.  

“What did you do with the female with this man, American?” 

Kate turns over to the officer, crying and barely able to say a word as she gasps hard for air. The attendant runs out to call for help and Kate leans over to the officer and lets out a whisper in his ear.  

He leans in confused, “What did you sa...” his eyes widen in shock as he’s stabbed in the stomach. Kate has snatched the keys, uncuffs herself, wipes the knife dry and places it in the officer’s hand. 

Wiping the crocodile tears from her face, Kate ensures there’s no other officers coming. She checks his body for anything useful, but comes up empty handed. “Mike, you better not have run too far, asshole. Can’t believe you left me.” She climbs out the window to rendezvous wither her man. 

“What took you so long?” yelled Mike as Kate finally caught up.  

“They cuffed me faster than I expected you jerk, you were supposed to wait for me on the train before jumping off.” Kate responded angrily. They embraced for a long loving kiss wiping their friend’s blood off of each other’s face. Kate pulls away first and looks Mike in the eyes with a satisfied smile, “Where to next?”

The End

Thank you for reading our continuing writing experiment, and stay tuned for further instalments of Tales from the Lemonade Porch. Remember to keep reading and enjoy life.  

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