Halloween Everyday

Join me in celebrating the best time of the year, Halloween! You can find every related post from the site, all in one convenient spot.

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One Bug

My Halloween story from 2016, possibly still my favorite.

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The True Horror of Halloween

I did a quick write up about the horror of Halloween costumes from over the decades


This is Halloween 2018

Halloween 2018 was the first in my new house. Check out how we decorated for the festivities.

Scariest Movie Moment

For Halloween 2016 the editors at Geekade.com asked the contributors what movie scene scared them the most as a child, here’s a link to my article.

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Top Ten: Horror Movies

For Geekade’s 31 Days of Halloween 2016, I created a list of my favorite horror movies. Not a “best of” but favorites.

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One More

This is from 2017, where I did something different with a horror themed poem.

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Untitled Ghost Story

This my Halloween story from 2014. It’s a different take on ghosts, that I further explored in my comic “Dead by Dawn”

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Dead by Dawn

My first ever published comic, Dead by Dawn first appeared in the short lived anthology Deathology.

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This Was Your Life

Here’s a fun story I wrote for Halloween 2015, a spoof on the old show, with a similar name.


The Rialto Theater

From 2013, this was the first story I posted in honor of this tremendous season.

Is it Halloween?

Back in 2017 October didn’t feel like Halloween, horror didn’t seem scary, something wasn’t right. But what?

Top Ten Horror Novels

Lists are subjective, and lists change, but back in 2015 these were my favorite horror novels.

Can I tell you something scary?

I’ve talked a lot (maybe too much) about my horror movie experiences, but here’s how I got into horror reading.